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School Reading recovery programs Analysed

School Reading Recovery programs should not be confused with reading tutoring programs.  Reading recovery programs are usually conducted in a school by a trained reading recovery teacher.  The reading recovery programs are given to students in Grade 1 who show a distinct gap in reading from their peers.  The reading teacher than meets with the student for about half an hour each day.  Through a well developed program most students begin to get a grasp for decoding and reading at a basic level which would allow them to catch up with their peers in reading.

Tutoring Centers For Reading:

Some tutoring centres will often stress that their reading program is a success. It may be true but it also depends on the student.  If you have 3 or 5 other students in your group you as a parent will have to fork up a lot more cash to get your child to a level you are comfortable with.  The reason is that your child is sharing the reading sessions with other students.

Home Tutoring Agencies For Reading:

Be careful of which home tutoring agency you choose for reading.  It is really important that the teacher/tutor is adequately trained in helping students read.  Some tutoring centers will send you anyone in hopes that the tutor will teach your child reading skills. Be extra careful about tutoring agencies that offer in home academic assessments.  These agencies are just using that as a tactic to allow their sales representatives into your home so in hopes that you feel obligated to sign on the dotted line for 50 or 100 tutoring hours.  You need to really investigate the agency you might want to use.  Their is no harm in asking a lot of questions.

About Reading Tutors 4 U

Reading Tutors 4 U carefully recruits only the best tutors in the agency.  Not to mention our tutors are one of the highest paid in the industry.  Our reading tutors are experts at teaching reading skills.  Our reading tutors are also patient, caring, and understanding of each students needs.  Our reading tutors also communicate with the teacher periodically so they can work as a team to help your child succeed.

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